Real-Time Monitoring of Just-In-Time Rail Conditions

Hunting Truck Detector

Nagory Foster offers a new, state-of-the-art Hunting Truck Detector (HTD) by building from the solid foundation that the WILD detector has provided the industry for more than 20 years. Customers are implementing the Hunting Truck Detector to prevent lading damage, as well as damage to vehicles and infrastructure.

Hunting trucks underneath rail cars can violently oscillate from one rail to the other as they traverse along tangent track. This motion can induce excessive lateral forces that significantly contribute to the accelerated wear of rail and vehicle in a relatively short time. This particular type of degraded vehicle performances is a leading cause of damage to delicate lading and to customer complaints about ride quality. Hunting trucks also cause increased fuel consumption and result in severe damage to truck components which can cause derailments.







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How HTD is Unique  

The HTD measures lateral forces exerted on the track by a hunting truck on a passing train. Nagory Foster’s unique design accounts for the dynamic relationship between vertical and lateral loads. That is, the system compares simultaneous readings from a WILD and a HTD to identify critical instances where the wheel flange and rail gage face geometry may promote flange-climb derailments. These measurements are processed through a highly sophisticated proprietary algorithm and transformed into a Hunting Index to identify and alarm on vehicles that exhibit excessive side-to-side motion. If the forces exceed an acceptable threshold, an automatic report notifies the customer which truck requires action based on their configured alarm thresholds.