Real-Time Monitoring of Just-In-Time Rail Conditions


We have designed a new breed of mobile bulk grease transfer system to dramatically improve the grease refilling process and to provide railroads additional operational efficiencies.  This new system is available with TemplFlex™ Rail Curve Lubricant as well as most other rail curve greases upon request. It features a disposable Bulk Container developed, patented and manufactured by Fluid-Bag, Ltd.  In addition to providing the benefits of properly lubricated rail by helping to insure Trackside Lubricators are supplied with grease, this system is better for the environment and safer for railroad employees. The DisposaBULK™ System eliminates the inefficient logistics of cycling large steel totes or handling the commonly used cumbersome five-gallon plastic pail. Less grease is wasted when compared to the five-gallon pails or large steel tote and one Fluid-Bag is equal to approximately 55, five-gallon plastic pails of grease! The system is easy to operate and can be fitted to most work vehicles*. The DisposaBULK™ System helps to reduce consumption of our valuable resources as well as landfill waste and most importantly enables a more efficient and effective railroad.

  • Streamlines logistics of Bulk Delivery, reduces shipping cost
  • Enhances safety by replacing five-gallon plastic pails of grease
  • Eliminates almost all waste/remnant grease, 99.5% efficient
  • Utilizes Disposable Bulk Containers developed and patented by Fluid-Bag, Ltd.
  • Improves overall rail lubrication programs
  • Fluid-Bag will supply any Rail Curve Grease manufacturer upon request.

* Contact us for complete vehicle requirements.

E-Z Fill™ Bulk Transfer System

We are the leader in lubrication innovation - from the advancement of lubrication science to our H.O.W.™ (Hi-rail, on-board, wayside) family of field proven hardware, only the Total Friction Management™ (TFM™) program offers such a wide range of systems, services and expertise.

It's taking care of the basics that really makes the difference in today's demanding rail environment. Something as simple as an empty wayside lubricator tank can make all the advanced technology meaningless when the wheel pounds the rail.

Increased traffic?  keep pace with less track time

Just ask any lubricator maintainer about lugging five-gallon buckets and squeezing plastic bags and they'll tell you there are better things they could be doing at a lube site than filling a wayside lubricator. Ensuring optimum system operation, repairing damaged or worn components, assessing lubricant carry and making seasonal adjustments are a few of the things that they would prefer to be doing to improve lubrication effectiveness. However, keeping wayside lubricators supplied with the proper lubricant is a lube maintainer's most important duty. Unfortunately it makes it harder to keep pace.

Two Sizes Available

E-Z Fill™ 3600 - 500 gallons 46"w x 60"l x 74"h
E-Z Fill™ 2050 - 285 gallons 46"w x 60"l x 56"h

Multi-tank configurations are also available.


  • Gear type lubricant pump, providing a minimum of 10 gallons-per-minute flow with external lubricant pressure relief for enhanced cold weather flow and increased safety
  • Power take-off (PTO) gear box and hydraulic pump matched to the work truck transmission and engine idle speed to provide desired lubricant flow rate(s)
  • Manual PTO engaging cable and operator indicator light
  • Hydraulic directional valve (manual) with built-in hydraulic safety pressure relief
  • Ten gallon hydraulic reservoir with hydraulic pump inlet screen, spin-on hydraulic return filter and sight gauge fluid level indicator
  • External lubricant flow control valve (manual) for operator intervention of flow rate and cold lubricant cavitation control
  • Hose reel holding 50 feet of 1 1/4" hose with manually operated fill nozzle featuring ball-type shut-off valve
  • System refill hose (2" diameter) for quick attachment to ground based bulk lubricant tanks
  • Special designs available upon request featuring separate, independent power source packages

The Total Friction Management™ (TFM™) program can install the E-Z Fill™ Bulk Transfer System to your worktruck, or we'll provide the hoses, hydraulic fittings, installation drawings and hydraulic schematics for your personnel to perform the installation.

Purchase or Contract Service

The  E-Z Fill™ Bulk Transfer System is available for purchase or through contract services performed by the Total Friction Management™ (TFM™) program.

Contact your representative for details.