Real-Time Monitoring of Just-In-Time Rail Conditions

Total Friction Management™ Contract Services

The Total Friction Management™ program can provide the personnel and / or equipment for:

  • Friction management and lubrication consulting, assessment, implementation, management
  • High speed rail tribometer service
  • On-board lubrication system installation and maintenance
  • Wayside site selection, installation and maintenance
  • Bulk wayside refilling
  • Training
  • Parts stocking and rebuilding


A complete engineering review and assessment of track systems and their lubrication and friction management requirements based upon traffic patterns, topography and climate. Optional service can include friction measurements performed by the SURVEYOR™ High Speed Rail Tribometer.

The review facilitates recommendations of which type of lubrication system or mix of systems is most appropriate.


The Total Friction Management™ program can provide the personnel and equipment to perform hi-rail application to the flange and/or top-of-rail of lubricants and friction modifiers when and where designated by you or a lubrication consulting assessment.


From locomotives, freight cars and transit cars to track machinery, the Friction Force® can install and maintain the appropriate on-board system for wheel/rail interface friction management.



Site Selection

Performed as part of a complete lubrication consulting assessment or as a wayside-specific analysis, the Total Friction Management™ program can select wayside lubrication sites to improve wayside lubrication to the gauge face of rail or to the top-of-rail for application of liquid friction modifiers.


Performed as part of a site selection assessment or to a designated location, the Total Friction Management™ program can install any type of their wayside lubrication systems, retrofit kits or necessary component replacement.


From routine maintenance to annual inspections, a contract program can be developed to address the unique service intervals and maintenance of each lubrication site. An optional service the Total Friction Management™ program can perform is bulk lubricant filling of wayside lubricant reservoirs.

High-Speed Rail tribometer Service

Rail friction measurements of gauge and tread of both rails, data compilation and analysis with solution recommendations.

Bulk Wayside Refilling

Can be performed as part of a Total Friction Management™ wayside lubricator maintenance program or solely as bulk lubricant refilling of wayside reservoirs. We can provide the personnel and / or the equipment and lubricants.

 Parts Stocking Program

Provides planned inventories for timely deliveries of strategic components.

Parts Rebuilding Program

Selected lubricator system parts and components that are approaching or have reached the end of their service life are systematically selected, rebuilt at our factory and returned to the field at an investment cost lower than purchasing new equipment.

Training Programs

Our lubrication specialists provide expert training in an all-encompassing program at your site or our facility, or choose from more specific topics addressing installation, scheduled maintenance or troubleshooting.